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Clearview Core

Our CORE classes are designed to help you GROW deeper in your fellowship with Jesus. We believe the Christian is always growing and endeavoring to learn from the Bible.


CONNECT with us on Sunday evenings at 6pm where you can join any of the following courses:

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Biblical Manhood
& Womanhood

Today’s world can be a confusing place when we look at gender and sex. We hear from academia, media, and our family regarding how we should think about these issues.

God speaks very clearly on these issues in His word, and we will look to Him to address topics including:  

· Biblical Manhood 

· Biblical Womanhood 

· The Biblical Family

· The Biblical Church 

· Biblical Sexuality

Come and see how God desires us to live as men and women.  

Old Testament

This course is designed to help you get the great truths out of the Old Testament books about our need for the Savior, Jesus Christ. This will be a great opportunity to slow down, take some time, and dig deeper into God’s Word! The goal is simple: that you may experience a time of instruction, conviction, and refreshment!


Why study the Old Testament?

1. The Old Testament reveals God’s character in a way that the New Testament does not. The Old Testament offers us a different lens with which to view the character of God.

2. The Old Testament tells us about Jesus Christ:

· The idea of a substitute sacrifice on our behalf

· Jesus said the Old Testament teaches about Him (Luke 24:44)


Join us as we learn about the promises of God to provide salvation through the promised Messiah.

Boy Writing Hebrew Letters on Blackboard

One on One

Discover how to…

· Integrate the spiritual disciplines into your life and experience victory.

· Saturate your life with God’s Word and then move that truth from your head to your heart through meditation.

· Embrace the Person of Christ and not just a philosophy.

· View life from God’s perspective.

· Reflect Christ by living under the control of the Holy Spirit.

· Experience joy, peace, and contentment that come from walking in the center of God’s will.


A Path – that leads to knowing Jesus


        A Lifestyle – of walking daily in intimate

fellowship with Him

                A Tool – for making disciples and

producing disciple-makers

Church Essentials

What is a church? Join us as we discuss how the Scriptures define what constitutes the church. In addition, we will be considering the following topics as we solidify our understanding of God’s plan for His Bride:

· Church Membership

· Church Discipline

· The Ordinances

· Church Leadership

This course comes at a great time in the life of our church. If you would like to strengthen your understanding on these topics, please join our group. 

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